Things that are happening

Well whoa things have been busy and I have not been reading or writing as much as what keeps me psychically afloat. I am still here, though, and have not disappeared into an interesting void and do have a few things I’m planning in the short term.

1. Miners is free on Amazon Dec 1 and 2 and then I will break exclusivity with Bezos and make the kindle/ereader files available on keybase some time after that. If you don’t have keybase, it’s like signal/whatsapp plus a public and private dropbox. This wordpress site doesn’t let me add anything other than text or images so it’s a cool cyberpunk workaround IMO.

2. I’ve been revising old stuff, beginning with Bytes. Next up, I want to revisit and edit all the short stories here. After that, I’ll hit Miners with another round of revisions and put the ebook files up on keybase. There is a little too much room for interpretation of some parts and I really want to clear them up for new readers.

3. Writing a little book was more of a project than I thought and I still have issues with it. Unfortunately, I have an idea for a spinoff of Miners. Ok, it’s really cool in my mind but perhaps not on paper. I maaaaay start writing it in the next couple of months. I really like focusing on Bytes-level stuff more, though. So I may just continue with that.