/ABOUT: ewok’s art includes biogenerative, scifi, personal, and comedic elements
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/ALPHABETA: Overlay of molecular structures of two proteins. This piece is comprised of animations I captured from public data while in graduate school, which marked the beginning of my interest in biological, data-driven art. After being stored for over a decade on a thumb drive, I merged two of these animations to create a new entity in 2024. I explore the themes of past and present, the two major protein structures (alpha helices and beta sheets), and two unique inscription approaches to permanently store them on the Stacks blockchain (a bitcoin layer 2). Not for sale. (sordinals.com & stacksinscription.com)

/SIGNAL TO NOISE: Numerical heatmap derived from biologically-sourced data. I reversed the process of scientific discovery by stripping away the context of data collected in four of my published studies, leaving only single digits. This makes the table appear to include only unrelated, random numbers. However, since the numbers come from real world data, there remains meaningful hidden structure in the grid. This invites the viewer to participate in parsing signal from noise. Issuance of 25. (gamma.io)

/SELF-PORTRAIT, MUTATION: Sanger sequencing traces. I extracted DNA directly from my cells to generate the bottom trace. In a second sample, I mutated my DNA to produce the top trace. Each peak and color represents a unique DNA base (A, T, C or G) in part of a gene with 19 bases shown here in total. This biogenerative process resulted in the center base changing from T to C, resulting in a slightly different, mixed peak by comparison. To further separate this work from being purely scientific, I did not record specific details about the experimental process. Issuance of 50. (gamma.io)

/PEPEDASE: Snapshot of a 3D molecular structure. In bacteria, the enzyme Peptidase E (PepE) is encoded by the gene PEPE. PEPEDASE is an atomic view of PepE enzyme’s spatial architecture based on publicly available scientific data. I made this as a believer in Matt Furie’s #SavePepe movement, and to help bring the bitcoin tradition of Pepe on Counterparty to the Stacks ecosystem, which at the time had very little Pepe content. Issuance of 5. (gamma.io)

/PEPEGENE: The entire genetic sequence for peptidase E (pepE, e. coli). Genes in living organisms are subject to mutation across time. In contrast, information on the bitcoin ledger is immutable. By etching the pepE DNA sequence onto bitcoin, its ability to evolve is lost. This challenges the significance of genetic information in a foreign digital context. I chose to keep the title “PEPEGENE” in upper case as a homage to the naming convention for Counterparty assets. This additionally contrasts the notation of a digital asset identifier (PEPEGENE) against the notation of biological identifiers (a,t,c or g), which are kept in lower case. Not for sale. (gamma.io)

/MONOLITHS: Spray paint of simple geometries. I use rectangular prisms— a recurring image in science fiction and art, to add depth to flat surfaces in the public eye. Monoliths are a multidimensional, collaborative, anonymous work between the person removing the graffiti, the artist whose graffiti was removed, and myself. (circa 2015)

/E-Z GRAFFITI: Various vinyl stickers and mini-zines. Science fiction and propaganda made for the wild. Request free items, e-mail: ewok [a.t) glowing.surf