Bye Amazon

My latest hobby of the minute is rolling back my activity on heavily-corporate social media and online services. Amazon is among the ones that fall into the ‘really pretty darn bad’ category, so I’ve decided to put up a tiny bit of resistance and pull my book, Miners, from their KDP select program.

The program lets me offer the book for free for a few days every three months, but with the catch being that I can’t have the story available anywhere else.┬áSo I’ve canceled that and made Miners available for free forever on this site and on my shared folder on Keybase in e-reader formats. (Hey, if you’re on Keybase, let’s be Keybase friends, yeah?) Keybase really let’s you scratch that nostalgia itch for the old web, when things were much more diy, which somehow made sharing feel a bit more genuine.

Of course, nothing beats a 1 click buy that delivers automatically to your kindle, so it’ll stay on Amazon for now, but that’s gonna line Bezo’s pockets with yet another $1.