SELF-PORTRAIT, MUTATION: In this sequencing data, each peak and color represents a unique DNA base (A, T, C or G) in part of a gene with 19 bases shown here in total. I took DNA directly from my cells to generate the bottom trace and in a second sample, mutated my DNA to produce the top trace. This biogenerative, mutagenic process resulted in the center base changing from T to C, resulting in a slightly different, mixed peak by comparison. Issuance of 50. (

PEPEDASE: The bacterial gene PEPE codes for the enzyme Peptidase E (PepE). PEPEDASE is a view of PepE’s molecular structure, based on public scientific data. Issuance of 5. (

MOLECULES OF THE GLOWING SURF: A series of digital images based on the experimentally determined molecular structure of proteins. Each piece was created with publicly available data and software. Twenty unique 1/1 pieces. (Opensea)

MINERS: A scifi book about friendship. (epub) (web) (physical $15)

INTO THE GLOWING SURF: A companion art book set in the same universe as Miners. (epub) (web preview)

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