GLOWING SURF: a neon, visually disorienting phenomenon that can occur when many electronic and memory-filled devices come into close physical contact, particularly in bodies of water polluted by isotopes and synthetic organisms. see also: Tamagotchi, phosphorous-32, VirtualBoy, Baker’s yeast

MINERS (Amazon $5)

In the blossoming dystopia of Alamo City, genetic modification is banned. Enterprising biohackers are beginning to sneak valuable data the old-fashioned way—on any vintage memory cards and drives they can get their hands on. It’s in these piles of electronic junk that Kaylee, an academic deserter, and Jorge, a self-described alien, find clues for how to engineer immortality. All they need to do is successfully biohack a killer parasite and also catch a human to test it on.

INTO THE GLOWING SURF (Amazon $1.25) (mobi $0) (epub $0) (html preview)

What derelict data will you find hidden in the glowing surf? ‘Into the Glowing Surf’ is a cryptic cyberpunk image & text file collection set in the ‘Miners’ universe.


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