Welcome, you’ve found my personal art archive, stored right here in the electronic ether, submerged in the glowing surf. What is a glowing surf? It’s a neon, visually disorienting phenomenon that can occur when many electronic, memory-filled devices come into close physical contact. This is often observed in bodies of water that have been polluted by isotopes and synthetic organisms. It’s beautiful.

The Dangerous Mutations of SG (in progress)

An exercise in consumer biohacking, where the data produced is sold on the blockchain to fund experimentation.

Process: I extract DNA from my own cells and mutate part of a gene. If these mutated DNAs were added back to my own cells, I’d almost certainly be in danger.

Technique: The DNA will be altered by “mutagenic PCR”. In standard PCR, many copies of DNA are made by an enzyme reaction. Mutagenic PCR changes the conditions of the enzyme reaction so that the enzyme makes incorrect, altered DNA copies that may have unexpected properties. These new DNA mutations will be sequenced and the data will be stored as NFTs.

Changes made to the original DNA sequence will be biogenerative. They are a consequence of physical, chemical and biological interactions. These mutations are immutable once on the blockchain.

Road Map: NFT sales will allow collectors to own the scientific art data generated directly and help fund this project retroactively.

Lore: A new frontier in biohacking approaches (read this).

Status: Gathering materials and securing borrowed laboratory time.

Glowing Surf Glitches

This is a series of original pieces showing the experimentally determined molecular structure of proteins, created with publicly available data and software.

Available on Opensea

Books From Another Universe

MINERS (Amazon $5 mobi $0 epub $0 physical $15) A science fiction book about trying to make money in south Texas and about keeping friends.

INTO THE GLOWING SURF (Amazon $2) (mobi $0) (epub $0) A companion art book set in the same universe as Miners.

Physical Artifacts

Short one-liners about UFOs, computer surveillance, and heartbreak. You might spot a few of these printed on Pixereum and Terra Nullius or in your favorite bathroom stall. Contact webmaster [a.t] glowing <d.o.t> surf or https://www.twitter.com/glowingsurf for free items.